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The Peaceon Roller Mosquito Net, Peaceon Magnetic Mosquito Screen
& Peaceon Magicpaste Insect Screen are innovative, stylish and advanced. They provide an insect free environment. Unlike conventional screens, they do not obstruct closed windows & doors when using the roller type. They are extra long lasting (the screen is hidden inside when not in use). This eliminates major causes of damage to screens - the window catch, a careless maid or naughty children.

Roller mosquito net for HDB Flat window

Our Peaceon Roller Mosquito Net are designed with a very useful inbuilt Auto Cleaning System. The screens clean themselves when they are rolled up & down, thanks to the cleaning brush. Our screens are never on strike. For customer selection, we normally supply 4 colours - silver, bronze, black and white powder coating. We also provide other colours which can be selected by our customers.


Magnetic mosquito net
Peaceon Magnetic Mosquito Screen is another product of ours that we are very proud of. After long-term studies & trials, we selected extra soft & flexible magnets and extra soft PVC stripe covers that are not easily broken. We also designed a new anti storm clip which acts as a screen lock to prevent the net from dropping down when strong winds come. We provide 8 colours of cover tape for selection - Black, White, Grey, Brown, Blue, Green, Dark Wood & Light Wood.

Main components just as aluminium extrusion are made in Singapore. (ISO 9002 certificate holder Company). Quality product made of durable materials: UV Resistant Fibre Glass PVC coated insect screen, It is an uncombustable material.

One year guarantee include all kinds of components.

Ten years guarantee for aluminum parts.

All components are individually replaceable offering a virtually unlimited life span. To know more technical specifications, please see Product Details.

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